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Who is Dr. Gee?

Dr. Georgette Fraser-Moore also known as “Dr Gee” is a passionate, motivational and thought-provoking Visionary, Technologist, Innovator, and Organizational Transformation Expert.

Dr. Gee is the President and CEO of Transformation Lead LLC, a global technology and business consulting firm focused in driving and implementing innovative technology and organizational change business solutions for enterprise corporations and government agencies. In addition to running a growing consulting business, Dr. Georgette is a published author, researcher, educator, philanthropist, missionary, and active member of the global community.

She works in both for profit and non-profit sectors, offering research, strategy, implementation and training in technology, organizational change, and leadership. Dr Gee creates and implements programs for enterprise organizations and government agencies focused on technology innovation, integration, operational improvement, leadership, and businesses optimization.

Dr. Gee serves on several boards including the Corporate Board of Directors for CompTIA- Computing Technology Industry Association, Morningstar International, Association of IT Professionals, and Golf Women Mean Business Charities.

With over 20 years of business leadership and technology experience, including work in Fortune 500 enterprise technology companies, financial services, international consulting, start-up and omni-channel software development, Dr. Gee brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse background into the room.

Speaker & Scholar

Dr. Gee is an award-winninginternational speaker and thought leader that has spoken and presented on 4 continents and within the Caribbean. She holds a Doctorate from the University of Southern California in Organizational Change and Leadership. She completed a formal study and published her Dissertation entitled “Bridging the Gap of Gender Equity in Entrepreneurship.” She has leveraged her research to launch a non-profit the Female Entrepreneurship Institute that provides resources for Female Entrepreneurs to successfully establish, build, grow, and scale their businesses in a global economy. She also holds a Master of Business Administration Degree with a Concentration in Information Systems Management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and Database Administration.


In addition to working with clients across 6 continents and the Caribbean, Dr Gee’s passion lies in helping those in need. In her Philanthropic work she works tirelessly to bring resources to communities in need.Dr. Gee leads mission teams into communities providingresources including food, education, and support around the globe to underserved communities in need.

News and Awards

She was been featured in several newspapers and magazines including USA Today, Forbes, New York Newsday and Black Enterprise Magazine. She was awarded the Presidential Service Award from President Barack Obama in 2016 for her volunteer and philanthropic work and was recently awarded the International Woman of Excellence Award in India at the Women’s Economic Forum 2019.

When she isn’t helping her community or driving business and technology forward, Dr. Georgette is a wife and mother of 3 sons. In between her work, you can find her spending time with her family, with her friends on the golf course, or enjoying the beach on her native island of Jamaica.

Core values

“I believe that everyone can achieve “even more” than they set their mind to.”

Dr Gee’s clients believe in her, because she delivers on her promise to strategically implement common sense solutions.

  • Do the RIGHT thing
  • Honesty truly is the best policy
  • Always be authentic
  • Do things that make sense
  • Collaborate, contribute, create and inspire
  • If you enjoy what you do, it’s never work